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New Forest Activities

50% off Dads on Father's Day Activities

We say “thank you” to Dads with 50% off their activity!

Book an activity taking place on Father’s Day, Sunday 19th June and get Dad’s place half price!* Make it a day they’ll remember!

Activities include archery, canoeing, kayaking and cycle hire.

To book your Dad’s Father’s Day treat call 01590 612377 today!

This offer is only available on activities booked to take place on Sunday 19th June 2016.

Special events and offers coming up over the next few months.
Forest Walks 2016
• Themed tours and walks
• Experienced and knowledgeable guides
• Fantastic scenery
• An abundance of wildlife
• Unique history
• Short and long walks available
• Private walks and tours for groups 8
Spring greens and identifying edible flowers:
Enjoy a walk in the scenic New Forest, admiring the signs of spring. Learn how to identify edible shoots, leaves and flowers at this time of year as well as a general history and ecology of the area.

Tree identification:
Ever wanted to know how to tell the different between different species or families of tree? This is your opportunity to learn with an experienced ecologist in the beautiful setting of the New Forest.

Coastal forage:
The coast offers an important and interesting habitat. Learn how to identify edible plants, seaweeds and seafood whilst enjoying a walk along the English coast.

Animal signs and tracking:
There are an abundance of animals in the New Forest, although we rarely glimpse them. Learn how to recognise the tracks and signs that they leave behind and the vast wealth of information that they hold.

Entomology walk:
The world of insects is a fascinating, weird and beautiful one, but is all too often ignored. The New Forest, with its beautiful scenery and diverse habitats is a perfect place to explore this fascinating world. With the help of an entomologist, come and learn how to recognise these wonderful creatures and the vital role they play in the forest.

Summertime foraging and medicinal plants:
Summertime in the New Forest hosts an abundance of plants, mosses and fungi. Come and learn which of these are edible or poisonous, medicinal or otherwise useful, all in the beautiful setting of the forest.

Fungi Foray:
In Autumn, the abundance and diversity of fungi in the New Forest is spectacular. They are an incredibly important and interesting part of
the ecosystem and amazing to look at. On this walk, you can learn about the role of mushrooms, how to identify them and how to recognise some common and delicious edible species!

Halloween Special:
Plants and fungi have been used by people for millennia. Some have medicinal properties, some are thought to have magical properties such as the ability to predict the future. Learn about some of the current and historical uses of plants and fungi in the New Forest our factual Witchcraft tour.

Creatures of the twilight:
The New Forest comes alive on warm summer evenings. This walking tour will give you the opportunity to look and listen for secretive wildlife such as deer, bats and birds like the woodcock and mysterious nightjar. You’ll use bat detectors to locate and identify different bat species and discover their hidden world. Our guides will help you get the best wildlife viewing opportunities through their knowledge of the Forest and its habitats.

Dates will be on our website; www.newforestactivities.co.uk/activities/guided-walks/
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