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Hampshire Tourist Guide
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Marwell Zoological Park

Marwell Zoological Park
Colden Common
United Kingdom
SO21 1JH
Tel:  01962 777407
Fax:  01962 777511
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Come to Marwell and see a world of beautiful and unusual animals. Saving endangered species is what makes Marwell so special and it’s a really great day out for all ages.

Marwell has over 200 species of rare animals from Amur tigers to leaf-cutter ants! Don’t miss the great herd of giraffe, free-ranging tamarins, rhinos, red pandas, cheetahs, hippos and camels. “Roof of the World” is a magnificent area for Marwell’s snow leopards and other animals from high altitudes. Marwell has one of Europe’s largest collections of rare hoofed animals including zebra and scimitar-horned oryx. Visit Aridlands and Desert Carnivores to see graceful gazelles and sand cats, the zoo is full of surprises and delights.

Popular favourites include the irresistible meerkats, wonderful warthogs and other astonishing animals like kangaroos, ostrich and many species of monkey. Enjoy the enchanting World of Lemurs, the big Into Africa house, steamy Tropical World, Penguin World (with underwater views of Humboldt penguins), the Fossa Exhibit and Night Life.

New for 20067: Wonder with wallabies in the Australian Bush Walk (opens Easter), and watch the Gibbons swing in their new high rise home – Life in the trees (opens summer). With Keeper Encounters every day during school holidays, you can now meet the animal keepers and ask the questions from the people that really know. What do they eat? Where are they from? What are their names – all of the animal information you will need.

Beautiful Marwell makes a wonderful day out. It is a large park of a hundred acres, with ideal spots for picnics or a wide choice of food at Treetops, our family restaurant. The large gift shop, amusements and an adventure playground complete the day. You can ride on the free road train or hop on our rail train (small charge) for a different view of the animals.

Relax – and come and see them today and save them for tomorrow.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Easy access from M3 and M27
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